Attendees from the Fathers' Programme

"This programme has to be advertised wider to attract more fathers. You get to understand people's culture and social background . Integration is very important. It was a very good programme… it was very interactive"


"My relationship with my wife is much better and as a family we have become closer"


"I thought the group would be different and very structured …it was so relaxing and nurturing and I didn’t miss one session!”   


"It was interesting to learn about other fathers experiences and meet new people"


"I will admit I didn’t want to be here when I first started as I was told to come here …but I tell all my friends that the programme is great and I am learning so much!”"

Deputy Head ParentingProgramme

Thanks to the programme and its excellent facilitators, we are increasing our capacity to tackle home life proactively and this is having a real positive impact validated by the academic progress data produced for children of adults involved. The programme is a great way to engage hard to reach families on tricky subjects such as appropriate punishment for misbehaviour through to approaching the subject of sex with your child. Over time we have seen a wide demographic of adults form a friendly, caring community that has helped to break down cultural divides and barriers in our playgrounds. Having limited financial resources to tackle parental engagement this represents excellent value for money and has proven to be a financially viable way of increasing our capacity for progress as a school. I would urge other school leaders to consider the program. The course facilitators do an outstanding job in communicating with the school in a timely fashion – alerting us to home issues and bringing any safeguarding concerns or issues to our immediate attention. They even remember to bring the biscuits every week – a real winner in all areas!!!


Freedom Programme Attendees

"Enlightening how much even little signs I missed out about my life before with a dominator was and the difference - now I see it so clearly. I feel so much more confident"


"The affects that the relationship has on the child, the impact of it emotionally and what it teaches them, how to recognise that someone maybe controlling, how to liberate myself and have independence not to rely on anyone and focus on what I need to do to improve my way of life"